Wednesday, February 28

YouTube Banned for A Month in Egypt for Anti-Muslim Film

YouTube Banned for A Month in Egypt for Anti-Muslim Film. The highest judge in Egypt banished the video website YouTube for a month because it showed a film that would be insulting to Muslims. The Egyptian telecom authorities must ensure that YouTube is blocked.


It is the film Innocence of Muslims that was made in the United States, and that has caused a lot of commotion in Muslim countries before. In the film, the prophet Muhammad is portrayed as an idiot with a sexual deviation. That is blasphemy for Muslims, published by the 99 News.

A lower court in 2013 had already ordered the blockade of YouTube for a month. The Egyptian telecoms authorities appealed against this ruling.

They said that if YouTube were blocked, this would lead to the disruption of the YouTube owner Google search engine. According to the telecom authorities, this would be bad for the economy, among other things.

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