Wednesday, February 28

Wild Weekend of Brand New Twitter Owner Elon Musk

Elon Musk barely owns the microblogging site Twitter when he goes wild through his account. Last weekend he made it clear that freedom of expression is central to him. He did this by sharing conspiracy theories, among other things.

In addition, it leaked that we are heading for price increases.

They stood in front of Twitter’s headquarters in San Francisco with cardboard boxes. Daniel Johnson and Rahul Ligma, two self-proclaimed engineers who claimed to have been fired by Elon Musk like the rest of their department. An American journalist from CNBC shared their story.

“An entire team of data engineers fired,” she wrote on Twitter with a photo of the two. “They are shocked. One of them, Daniel, has a Tesla and doesn’t know how to pay the bills.” The other, holding the biography of Michelle Obama, said he feared democracy, among other things. “With Musk as Twitter owner, Obama would never have become president.”

The story was eagerly copied on other news sites. Elon Musk also responded on Twitter: “Ligma Johnson got what he deserved”, with aubergine and droplets behind it. Moments later, the two turned out to be pranksters. Ligma Johnson, the so-called surname of the two, is a reference to a popular meme on the internet. With that term, you make it clear that something is laughable, often to justify something vulgar.

Meanwhile, it also leaked that Musk will implement a significant price increase since he took office at Twitter. The monthly cost for a Twitter Blue subscription – access to a particular service of the microblogging site where you can, for example, make purchases within the app – will increase from $ 4.99 to $19.99. That makes The Verge known. According to that news site, the staff working on that project have been told to be ready by November 7, or they will be fired.

Twitter has not yet responded to the news, but it is yet another example of the many changes Musk wants to make within the company. The many layoffs of top executives were the first step.

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