Monday, February 26

WHO: No Signs That Coronavirus is Seasonal

The spread of the new coronavirus does not appear to be affected by seasonal influences, the World Health Organization (WHO) said Tuesday.


The organization thus warns against false beliefs that summer is safer.

“Season does not seem to affect the transmission of this virus,” WHO spokeswoman Margaret Harris told journalists in a virtual briefing.

She pointed out that some of the hardest-hit countries are currently in a different season.

While it is summer in the United States, with nearly 148,000 deaths and almost 4.3 million corona cases, the worst affected country, Brazil is the second most affected country, with more than 87,000 deaths, winter.

And yet, she said, “there seems to be a firm idea that this virus is seasonal,” and that Covid-19 will come in waves.

This is because people mistakenly view the pandemic because of “a flu lens because that’s how the flu behaves.”

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