Monday, February 26

White House Medical Advisers Warn about Possibly 100,000 Deaths

US doctors are gloomy: the US has tens of thousands of corona deaths, White House medical advisers warn. Trump must give up his hopes for a quick economic recovery.


It was a nasty observation, in an interview with CNN: Anthony Fauci, an infectious disease specialist and White House advisor, said his models indicate that the coronavirus can cause 100,000 deaths in the US, even 200,000 at worst.

They hope the predictions will not come true, Fauci’s colleague Deborah Birx told NBC, but no city will be spared. Trump already took the prospects in a press conference as a fait accompli: if it remains at less than 200,000 deaths, he thinks, “We’ve all done well”.

No country has as many confirmed corona cases as the US, and the end is not yet in sight. Over the weekend, the national death toll doubled in two days. New York is still the epicentre of the epidemic. But also in Michigan, among others, Governor Gretchen Whitmer said, the numbers are rising “astronomically.”

“In two weeks, around Easter, we will look a lot more like New York,” she warned. And not everywhere, people react decisively. In the New Orleans area, where many people get sick, a few churches were still full last Sunday.

Easter: Then the country would be ready for a normal life again, Trump hoped out last week. He compared the coronavirus to car accidents and flu and complained that the economic damage from measures was likely to outweigh the impact of the virus.

But now that 2,400 people infected with the virus have died and the spike in deaths is expected in two weeks, he decided to extend guidelines on working from home and distance. Until at least April 30, Americans must keep their distance from one another.

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