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When Does My Car Insurance Run Out?

Having car insurance is critical to ensure a motorist is driving legally, which is one reason to stay on top of when car insurance runs out. Another reason to know the renewal date is to check prices ahead of time to look for better deals in the market. According to NimbleFins, car insurance companies should alert motorists to their renewal a few weeks ahead of time. Still, below we’ll discuss other ways to find out when car insurance runs out.

How To Check If My Car Is Insured

Car insurance, also known as vehicle insurance, is insurance for vehicles and is essentially a contract between an individual car owner and an insurance company.  The terms of the insurance policy vary depending on the circumstances of the person insured, the make of the car, and the history of the driver.

It is a legal requirement in the UK for cars to be insured, and to be able to drive a car legally a motorist will need to have a car insurance policy in place.  The basic minimum requirement when it comes to car insurance is third-party insurance.

The only exception to the rule that cars must be insured is if the car is not being used and not on public land. In this case, the owner must send a Statutory Off Road Notification (SORN) to the DVLA.

There are many details about a car that a motorist can check online, from its tax status to MOT details, to the insurance status.  To check if a car is insured, go to the Motor Insurance Database (MID).  This database is a comprehensive database containing details of car insurance policies.

To check a car’s insurance, insert the registration number into the website where prompted, and it will display the insurance information relating to the car.

It is always a good idea to keep insurance policy details somewhere safe, so the terms and conditions (including the renewal date) and other information are to hand.  To get a copy of the policy online, the policyholder can also obtain one by ringing their insurance company and asking them to send a downloadable copy of the car insurance policy.

Alternatively, most insurance companies allow policyholders to download a copy of their insurance policy directly from the insurer’s website, often via a customer portal.  The policyholder may have to verify who they are and insert their address and phone details, but this should bring up a copy of the policy to save and store electronically.

How Do I Check If Someone Else’s Car Is Insured?

To check if someone else’s car is insured, the registration number of the vehicle is needed.  With the registration number in hand, it is possible to then search the MID database for the information that is needed.

When Can You Renew Car Insurance?

Many annual policies will automatically renew at the end of the year.  However, this is not the most cost-effective way for policyholders to renew a policy.  Most people find that shopping around for a new policy saves them money.

About 11 months into the insurance policy, that is, one month before the renewal date, the policyholders should be looking at all options for insurance.  At this point, the policyholder will probably also be contacted by their insurer about the renewal of the policy.  Policyholders should make sure that any new policy of insurance does not overlap with an existing policy.

When Is The Best Time To Renew Car Insurance?

It’s possible to renew car insurance near the renewal date.  Money Supermarket conducted some surveys and found that the best time to renew an annual car insurance policy is within 15-29 days of the policy renewal date.  This is when a motorist is likely to get the best deal.

The survey showed that people who bought an insurance policy on the day the old policy expired often paid more for insurance than those who shopped around in the weeks before the renewal date.

Motorists who leave it too close to the renewal date may not find the best insurance deal, so always leave a few weeks before the renewal date to shop around for a good deal.

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