Monday, February 26

WhatsApp Now Available on Four Different Devices (Without Your Smartphone Having to be Online)

WhatsApp is currently rolling out a new feature that makes it possible to use the messaging service on up to four different devices without connecting to your smartphone.


The so-called multi-device support is in both the iOS version and the Android version of WhatsApp. It is still a new feature test, but in principle, everyone can participate in that beta. However, remember that it may take a few more days before multi-device support is available to everyone.

Android users activate the gadget via the menu button (three dots) at the top right, followed by clicking on Paired devices. For example, if you have an iPhone, go to Settings, Paired devices. Then go through the few steps necessary to participate in the beta program, and finally, select the devices you want to link to your WhatsApp account.

After the link, you can use WhatsApp on four additional devices via the web version of the service, the WhatsApp Desktop app (for Windows or macOS) or via the Facebook Portal – although that gadget is not yet available from us. As mentioned, this no longer requires a connection with your smartphone.

However, if you do not use your mobile phone for two weeks, for example, due to loss or theft, the linked devices will be disconnected again for safety’s sake.

There are some limitations. For example, it is not possible (via the extra devices) to send messages to or call people who still have an older version of WhatsApp on their phones. And because the feature is still in beta, its quality and performance may not always be optimal.

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