Western Outrage Over Navalny Distracts From Problems

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The outrage from politicians in the West at the arrest of Alexei Navalny is, according to Russian Foreign Minister Lavrov, mainly intended to divert attention from real problems of citizens in the West.


Sergey Lavrov said this at his annual press conference to review his country’s diplomacy over the past year.

Anti-corruption fighter and politician Alexei Navalny was arrested on Sunday after returning from Germany on a liner. Navalny was poisoned in eastern Russia in August and flew to Germany to heal.

According to justice in Russia, he should have reported to the authorities immediately after his discharge from a German hospital in September. Navalny has been on parole since a conviction for fraud in 2014.

In the West, Navalny is seen as a serious rival to President Putin. Navalny and his supporters say Putin is behind the poisoning.

Navalny is best known for his fight against corruption and abuse of power. He, therefore, has many enemies in Russia.

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