Thursday, February 22

Vaccine Program COVAX Builds An Emergency Stock of Corona Vaccines

The international COVAX program will set aside a maximum of 5 percent of the corona vaccines it obtains.


For example, a “buffer” must be built that can be used in the event of severe outbreaks or humanitarian emergencies.

The COVAX program is intended to ensure that less prosperous countries also have access to corona vaccines. It is led by parties such as the World Health Organization and the vaccine alliance GAVI, in which governments, international organizations and companies work together.

Stockpiling could result in 100 million doses of corona vaccines being set aside this year, GAVI reports. These can then be used, for example, in conflict areas where governments cannot vaccinate themselves.

The emergency betrayal can also be used in the future if vaccination is required at a faster rate in the event of a serious outbreak. According to Gavi, this is only possible if all parties affiliated with the COVAX program have received vaccines.

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