Wednesday, February 28

US Senate Approves Biden’s Corona Aid Plan Thanks to Vice President Harris

In the United States Senate, the draft of a significant socio-economic aid plan worth $ 1,900 billion has been approved.


This happened thanks to Vice President Kamala Harris’s voice who broke the deadlock between Democrats and Republicans.

It is the first time that Vice President Harris has used her casting vote in the Senate. The draft that would give nearly every American $ 1,400 has yet to get back to the House of Representatives.

There has been a whole night of waiting, and numerous changes have been made, but the decision has now finally been taken in the Senate. A vote came to a draw between 50 Democrats against 50 Republicans.

In that case, the vice president can make the difference, and that’s Democrat Kamala Harris.

That does not quite finish the stocking. The House had previously approved the Representatives’ draft, but with some Senate changes, it now has to go back to the House for confirmation.

The plan is for the plan to enter into force in March. Earlier support measures from Congress will expire, but the corona crisis may not be over by then, and indeed not the economic consequences.

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