Thursday, February 22

US: Roughly 105,000 People Evacuated from Afghanistan

With the evacuation of another 12,500 people on Thursday, the number of evacuees from Afghanistan has risen to roughly 105,000, the White House reports. The last people are currently being removed before foreign troops leave the country by August 31.


Countries have been taking their citizens home since August 14, the day before the Taliban took over Kabul. They also collect Afghans en masse who have worked with them in recent years or are at risk because they work with foreign organizations or in journalism.

The United States controls Kabul International Airport and Afghan airspace. The US Department of Defense said on Thursday that evacuations could still take place over the weekend, but several countries have already stopped evacuating. This is partly due to the increasingly dangerous situation in Kabul and the departure of the Americans.

The US military needs a few days before its own departure from Afghanistan. After the withdrawal of the Americans, it is expected to become much more difficult to get people to other countries.

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