Wednesday, February 28

United Airlines Makes Vaccination Mandatory for Employees

United Airlines is the first major American airline to oblige employees to be vaccinated against the coronavirus. The obligation applies to all employees residing in the United States.


Other large American companies such as Facebook, Disney, Walmart and Google have already introduced a vaccination obligation for staff in the US.

United executives acknowledge in a statement to employees that some employees are likely to disagree with the decision. “But it is our responsibility to ensure safety at work. And everyone is safer when everyone is vaccinated.”

An employee must have proof of complete vaccination by October 25 at the latest; otherwise, dismissal will follow. An exception may apply to employees who object from a religious or medical point of view after communicating it to the company.

United, one of the largest American airline companies, estimates that 80 to 90 percent of pilots and flight attendants have already been vaccinated. Anyone who has been vaccinated before September 20 will be paid an extra day. New employees have been required to be vaccinated since June.

The flight crew of the Hong Kong airline Cathay Pacific must be vaccinated before August 31, and it was previously announced. Those who fail to do so may be fired or transferred.

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