Saturday, February 24

UN Boss Complains About Lack of Leadership Among World Leaders

UN Chief António Guterres believes that world leaders show too little leadership during the crisis caused by the corona outbreak.


According to Guterres, the international community is too divided between fighting the virus together.

He thinks there is not enough aid for developing countries. Richer countries only half fill a $ 2 billion emergency fund.

“We see leadership and power becoming separate,” said the United Nations Secretary-General. “People with power lack leadership, and people who show great leadership have no power. I hope this changes soon.”

The UN Security Council has been drawing up a resolution to promote closer cooperation between countries for more than a month.

UN diplomats cannot agree on the role of the World Health Organization (WHO). The United States, among others, is very critical of that organization.

Guterres says he is deeply concerned about the conflict between the US and China. “These are two major countries.

The contributions from China and the US are vital in fighting the coronavirus and developing international relations.”

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