Monday, February 26

Ukraine Uses Facial Recognition to Show Russians the Magnitude of Their Losses

Ukraine is trying to use facial recognition to inform the Russians about the magnitude of their military losses. Ukrainian Deputy Prime Minister Mykhailo Fedorov said.


“Today, we use AI to search social networks for profiles of Russian soldiers, based on images of their bodies, to report their deaths to friends and relatives,” Fedorov explained on Facebook. “We are setting up a system of automatic calls to Russia, to tell the truth about the Russian killers,” he added.

The aim is to dispel the myth of a ‘special operation’ in which ‘no conscript participates’, and ‘no one dies’, it sounds. Russia officially called the invasion it launched on February 24 a “special military operation.” However, using the word war to describe the intervention is a criminal offence in Russia.

Moscow only acknowledged the presence of conscripts in Ukraine on March 9 and admitted that some of them had been captured after it had previously claimed that only professional soldiers were fighting.

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