Thursday, February 22

Two Greek Pilots Missing After Their Plane Crashes During Exercise

Two Greek pilots went missing on Monday after their attack aircraft crashed in the Ionian Sea during a training flight. This is what the Greek state radio says.

The pilots of another aircraft who witnessed the crash of the F-4 notified the emergency services. The pilots of the crashed aircraft were engaged in low-level flights west of the Peloponnese peninsula. “As time goes by, hopes for survivors are dwindling,” said the state radio, adding that rescuers have found the plane’s wreckage.

According to the defence minister in Athens, there is no link between the accident and the tensions between Greece and Turkey.

Dangerous manoeuvres between fighter jets from both countries have taken place over the Aegean Sea, not the Ionian Sea, in recent days. The two NATO member states have been fighting for decades over the sovereignty rights of the Aegean Sea and the eastern Mediterranean.

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