Saturday, February 24

Twitter Users Are Losing Back Fake Followers

Twitter Users are Losing back fake Followers. Many users on Twitter have lost followers who, according to the company, should not have been evident. The social medium has quietly removed the fake accounts on Friday.


These are accounts that returned after Twitter decided in July to no longer include locked accounts in the total number of a user’s followers.

With the measure, Twitter intends to display the number of followers of accounts more precisely.

The accounts were made invisible in the follower numbers this summer,

 which in some cases led to a loss of millions of followers.

For example, pop artist Katy Perry lost 2.8 million followers thanks to the measure.

According to Twitter, however, a bug led to the accounts being counted over.

The company, therefore, took measures on Friday.

Katy Perry lost followers again on Friday.

According to Social Blade, a company that deals with measurements on social media, the singer lost 861,000 followers.

Twitter’s official account had to do less with 2.4 million followers after Friday.

Twitter locks an account if the company doubts that the owners no longer have access to the profile.

The status is cancelled when a user edits his password.

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