Thursday, February 22

Twitter Adds Labels to Trump’s Tweets for the First Time

Twitter has labelled two messages from US President Donald Trump as unfounded on Tuesday. It is the first time that the social network has interfered with the content of Trump tweets.


The messages are about voting by mail, a topic that is currently in the US in connection with the corona outbreak. The president tweeted on Sunday, “

The US cannot hold a full election by mail. It will be the most massive election fraud in history. People take them (ballot papers) out of letterboxes, print thousands of counterfeits and “force” people to sign them.

Names are also falsified. They are trying to use COVID for this scam.”

Among the tweets, Twitter posted a link on Tuesday with the text: “Read the facts about elections by post here.” Users who click that link will come to information from sources such as CNN, The Washington Post and other media experts have spoken to.

Research shows that voting by post is very rarely associated with election fraud. According to a Twitter spokesperson, the tweets in question contain “potentially misleading information.”

Twitter has long been under attack because it previously did nothing with messages from Trump, which are often full of insults and false claims. Following that criticism, the medium has long said that users correct each other.

Trump soon responded via Twitter, attacking the medium himself. According to Trump, “Twitter is interfering in the election and” suppresses “the social medium” the free word.

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