Monday, February 26

Tui Recalls 1200 Travellers After Adjustment of Greek Travel Advice

TUI will bring home 1,200 customers who currently reside in Rhodes, Kos and Karpathos. According to the travel organization, that is not necessary for a hurry.


The travel advice for the South Aegean islands of Greece will be put back on orange by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs from next Sunday due to the increasing number of corona infections.

On May 15, the travel advice for most Greek islands was changed from orange to yellow and holiday travel became possible again. The corona figures in those areas gave rise to this at the time. Last week, however, the RIVM noted that the situation was deteriorating on the South Aegean islands. Travellers who are already staying on these Greek islands must submit a test from Sunday before departure to the Netherlands and be quarantined upon return to the Netherlands.

TUI is cancelling the holidays of travellers who would soon be leaving for Rhodes, Kos or Karpathos. They get their money back. “Many would prefer to go on holiday anyway. We are currently working hard to offer them an alternative at a different destination,” said a spokeswoman. Alternative destinations are Portugal, one of the Spanish islands or Corfu and Zakynthos, Greek destinations that lie in the Ionian Sea.

Corendon is busy calling customers who had booked a trip to Rhodes or Kos in the coming weeks. They are given the option to book to another destination or to cancel their holiday.

For the next two weeks, nearly two thousand Corendon customers had booked a trip to Kos or Rhodes. “We see that almost everyone wants to go on vacation and chooses a different destination,” says a spokeswoman. Ibiza and Mallorca, but also Portugal and CuraƧao are popular alternative destinations. “Perhaps we will fly more often to these places with yellow travel advice,” said Corendon.

All scheduled flights from Corendon to Kos and Rhodes will expire until mid-June. Travellers who have booked a vacation to the Greek islands until then will all be called.

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