Monday, February 26

Tsunami Warning Indonesia: Panic after Heavy Earthquake

Indonesian authorities have issued a tsunami warning today for part of the coast of Java and Sumatra. They called on residents in the coastal areas to look for an elevated area after a significant earthquake with a force of 6.8 under the seabed between the two islands.


So far, there have been no reports of damage or victims. The massive quake occurred some 150 kilometres off the coast of West Java (and some 225 kilometres off the coast of southern Sumatra) at a depth of almost 43 kilometres.

Shocks were also felt in the capital Jakarta. People ran quickly into the street there. “The chandelier in my apartment shook back and forth, and I quickly ran down from the 19th floor,” a 50-year-old resident of the capital was shocked. Everyone fled; it was a powerful shock. “

TV images showed how passengers were running out of the terminal of Jakarta’s international airport. The authorities later reported that the airport was operating normally.

According to measurements from the US geological service USGC, the earthquake had a force of 6.8 and occurred at 227 kilometres from Teluk Betung on Sumatra.

The tsunami warning was issued to residents of coastal areas in western Java and southern Sumatra. The authorities reported that people had to make waves up to three meters high into account. After a while, the warning was withdrawn.

In December last year, another tsunami took place in the region, then caused by a volcano eruption of the Anak Krakatau between the two islands.

Part of the mountain fell into the sea and caused meter-high waves that rolled over the coast of Sumatra and Java. Hundreds of people died, and tens of thousands of people became homeless.

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