Monday, February 26

Trump Will Announce the Name of Successor Chief Justice At the End of This Week

US President Donald Trump will propose Friday or Saturday the candidate he wants to succeed the recently deceased Chief Justice Ruth Ginsburg.


He said that to Fox News. He wants to wait until after the farewell services for Ginsburg, which made a name for itself as a liberal and progressive judge.

The nomination to the Supreme Court is eagerly awaited. With his favourite, Republican Trump can leave a significant mark on the court, which is the highest court in the United States.

Trump’s rival in the upcoming presidential election, Democrat Joe Biden, lashed out at the president and the Republican Party for their haste.

According to Biden, the American voter must decide who can nominate the new member of the Supreme Court in Washington. He does not want the Republicans to rush the nomination shortly before the election.

Ultimately, the Senate, one of the two chambers of the US Parliament (Congress), decides on the appointment. According to Trump, the Senate will have “enough time” for the election to approve the candidate. The Republicans have a narrow majority in the Senate.

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