Saturday, February 24

Trickbot Threat Has Tripled in Last Six Months

The amount of Trickbot malware has tripled in the past six months. Cybercriminals publish a new Trickbot sample every 6.5 minutes.


Trickbot is not an unknown cyber threat and was first spotted in 2016. It is a dominant multipurpose bot that is continuously updated with new capabilities and distribution vectors.

This allows Trickbot to be used for various purposes, such as stealing login details, installing a backdoor, downloading other malware or sending spam emails.

Also, G Data CyberDefense saw the number of adware attacks increase significantly, with a marked peak in April and May. In those months, the number of adware campaigns more than doubled (+119.4 percent).

Although these attacks, at first sight, cause less damage than ransomware, users should not underestimate such attacks, says G Data: ‘After all, this form of malware collects personal data, such as surfing behaviour, which is then converted into money by criminals.

In addition, some adware is capable of bypassing antivirus programs or operating systems today.

The malware top ten is currently dominated by Remote Access Trojans (RAT). Seven out of ten families are RATs and allow remote control and management of a computer without the user noticing.

The amount of samples from the njRAT / Bladabindi trojan has also increased over the past six months: as many new instances were identified in the first six months of this year as in the whole of 2019.

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