Thursday, February 22

Train Problems Hinder South African Coal Transports

Train problems limit South Africa’s exports of coal, which is used in power plants worldwide. Just as the demand for this fuel is soaring, the country is suffering from cable thefts and a shortage of locomotives.

The large coal company Thungela has therefore had to adjust its expectations.

Thungela cut production because the coal could not be shipped to ports. The company has even started trials of trucking fossil fuel, both to ports and between different coal mines.

In this way, the company hopes to be able to make optimal use of the capacity that the South African train operator Transnet still offers.

Thungela states in his message that he is now “not able to take full advantage of the high prices” for thermal coal. On the other hand, due to high gas prices, coal-fired power stations have been restarted in many countries, or the share of coal in the power supply is increasing.

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