Monday, February 19

Trade Union FNV Threatens to Strike at EasyJet During May Holiday

Trade union FNV threatens a strike among easyJet cabin crew during the busy May holiday. If the British budget airline does not want to talk to the union about more pay raises soon, actions will follow from Dutch stewards, flight attendants and pursers.

“We will build the actions step by step until easyJet meets our demands. And we don’t shy away from stopping work during the May holidays either,” says FNV director Stijn Jansen. According to him, easyJet now refuses to enter into talks with FNV, even though 40 percent of cabin crew would have joined the union. Jansen has given EasyJet until February 16 to respond to the ultimatum.

The airline, the largest user of Schiphol after KLM, did try to reach an agreement on a new collective labour agreement with another union, VNC, last year. In addition, the company offered more than 7 percent extra wages. Still, according to Jansen, it would have meant that the basic wages of many cabin employees would fall below the minimum wage.

“Fortunately, 85 percent of VNC members were wise enough to reject this result,” says Jansen, who indicates that his union at easyJet does not cooperate with VNC. In addition to a place at the negotiating table, the FNV member also demands a basic wage that starts from 14 euros per hour for easyJet staff. He also wants wages to be automatically compensated for inflation from now on.

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