Wednesday, February 28

Tracy Morgan Grateful for Recovery after the Accident

Tracy Morgan Grateful for Recovery after the Accident. He looks back five years after his serious car accident. The comedian and actor are grateful for his recovery, but at the same time sad: his friend and mentor Jimmy Mac did not survive the disaster.


According to the Celebrity Insider, Tracy Morgan Commemorates His Friend Five Years after the terrible car crash, and he expresses his feeling in social media.

“Not a day goes by without me missing you,” the actor writes on Twitter. “I thank GOD for my family.

I am astonishingly grateful for the love and support they give me. Thanks to my wife, daughters, sons and friends, I have recovered.”

He also has a kind word for his business partners. He thanks TBS and NBC, two networks that gave him another chance after his recovery.

Tracy Morgan was severely injured in a car accident in June 2014. After the crash, the comedian was taken into critical condition with, among other things, bone fractures in his nose, ribs, leg and thigh.

It took a month and a half before the comedian was allowed to leave the rehabilitation centre.

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