Tuesday, February 20

Toyota Supplier Victim of Cyber Attack

The Japanese government confirmed that a cyberattack had hit a Toyota supplier on Tuesday. As a result, the company was forced to shut down production in Japan for a day but plans to restart that Wednesday.


On Monday, the Japanese carmaker announced that production in the fourteen Japanese factories would stop for a day. The reason was a ‘system failure’ at a supplier, Kojima Industries, and ‘possibly’ it was a cyber attack. That’s for sure now.

Government spokesman Hirokazu Matsuno has confirmed this. According to the Nikkei newspaper, the cyberattack took the form of ransomware.

“The risk of cyber-attacks is currently increasing due to the current situation, including concerning Ukraine,” said Matsuno, calling on Japanese companies to strengthen their cybersecurity measures. In addition, the temporary shutdown of the factories has consequences for the production of some 13,000 vehicles.

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