Saturday, February 24

Top Meeting on More Freedoms for Vaccinated Germans

German Chancellor Angela Merkel and state leaders will discuss Monday whether vaccinated Germans should be given more freedoms.


According to a draft document, the national government believes that some corona measures do not apply to people who have been fully vaccinated or have already recovered from the virus.

Calls to give vaccinated Germans more freedom have been getting louder in recent days. Merkel’s CDU party, Prime Minister Armin Laschet of North Rhine-Westphalia, called it a “legal requirement” in the Süddeutsche Zeitung that people who have had a corona vaccine be given the same rights as Germans who have been tested for the virus.

Several areas in Germany have already experimented with a more lenient corona policy for people who tested negative. This happened in the city of Tübingen and the state of Saarland, among others. There, people with a negative coronate test result regained access to, for example, shops or cinemas.

Similar policies may apply to vaccinated people. According to experts, they spread the virus less quickly. In Germany, 23 percent of the population has currently received the first dose of a corona vaccine. About 7 percent of Germans are fully vaccinated.

The summit meeting of Merkel and the state prime ministers begins at 3 p.m. It is not expected that the rules regarding wearing mouth masks or keeping distance from other people will be tampered with.

The discussion about more freedoms for vaccinated people is politically compassionate in some countries. In the United Kingdom, a heated debate is raging about whether it is desirable to introduce a ‘vaccination passport’. Critics fear that people who cannot or do not want to be vaccinated will soon face discrimination.

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