Thursday, February 22

TikTok Deleted More Than 89 Million Videos in Six Months

Movie app TikTok removed more than 89 million videos in the second half of 2020 because they did not meet the guidelines. That is less than one percent of all videos that were posted in that period.


According to TikTok, most deleted videos barely had any views. Some 6.1 million accounts were also deleted because the affected users did not follow the rules. Nearly 10 million bot accounts were also deactivated. Those accounts usually posted spam.

In the meantime, social media is trying to boost its reputation, for example, by also providing information about significant developments. There is a corona page with all kinds of information from the World Health Organization (WHO), and there was a page about the American elections.

The corona page was visited at least 2.6 billion times between June and December 2020. The election page had 17.9 million visitors.

For videos about the coronavirus, TikTok links the information page, just like many other social media. TikTok added that banner to more than three million videos. About 51,500 uploads were removed for spreading misinformation about the virus. Most of the videos had barely been watched.

TikTok further deleted 347,225 videos containing fake news about the US election. The visibility of 441,028 videos was limited so that the images did not appear in users’ feed.

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