Wednesday, February 28

Three Saudi Princes Arrested for Treason: Coup or Reckoning?

In Saudi Arabia, three princes of the ruling family were arrested. It concerns a younger brother of King Salman and a former crown prince and minister of the Interior.


It looks like current Crown Prince Mohammed bin Salman wants to get rid of rivals within the royal family.

It concerns the 77-year-old Prince Ahmed bin Abdel Aziz Al Saud, a full brother of current King Salman, and his cousins Mohammed bin Nayef and Nawaf bin Nayef.

They would have been picked up at home. The news comes from American media, but Saudi Arabia has not yet responded to it officially.

These are significant leaders of the Saudi family. As Salman’s brother, Ahmed bin Abdel Aziz was considered a possible successor years ago. However, that was crossed when younger members of the family were appointed crown prince.

The most striking, however, is the arrest of Prince Mohammed bin Nayef. As Minister of the Interior, he was Saudi Arabia’s first crown prince between 2015 and 2017 under current King Salman.

In 2017, Mohammed bin Nayef has pushed aside in favour of the son of Salman, who now hands out the sheets in Riyadh, and since then he no longer held any official position.

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