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Things to do in Krabi River Thailand

Krabi is a town in southern Thailand situated on the shoreline of Andaman Sea. Krabi region is famous for its white-sand beaches, the bluest waters for snorkelling and scuba plunging, the Rocky Mountains for hiking, backpacking Thailand, climbing and its crazy nightlife.


Krabi’s limestone cliffs are worth seeing

Standing in the blue water, these limestone bluffs will take your breath away every time you cross them by boat. There are numerous different things to do, like Thailand full moon party and exploring night markets.


Here are some exciting things to do in Krabi, Thailand


Krabi weekend night market
There are a couple of night markets in Krabi. Here, you can make a snappy stop for dinner or purchase gifts. Weekend Night markets are crowded as thousands of visitors are busy shopping for their loved ones.

You can buy cheap dresses and souvenirs and can also find the best herbs like lemongrass. You will see a lot of food vendors selling cheap street food like Thai boat noodles and seafood.

It’s all exceptionally alive and flourishing and makes for an urgent affair, making you feel like a local Thai.

Thailand full moon party
No matter where you are in Thailand, a full moon party is a must. You would never want to miss out the real fun of being in Thailand. This party will let you enjoy the most out of your trip as you will meet people all over the world who are crazy and adventurous. Music, crowd, drinks, fire, and beach, this is what the party is all about.

Saline hot springs
Near the Tiger Cave Temple are the hot springs which are an incredible spot to unwind your muscles after the dark ascension. Though this place is a must-visit, it is not much crowded by tourists.

The most beautiful part about this is that water is entirely transparent and encompassing, making it a heaven for pleasure seekers. Come with your swimming outfit for a more agreeable time. Do not forget to bring plastic bags to keep your wet clothes in.

Tiger Cave Temple
Located at the highest point of Krabi, this temple needs no introduction to the people who love travel and adventure. This beautiful temple is rich in history, culture and traditions. Apart from the beauty of its own, you can view the beautiful Island of Krabi from the top.

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