Tuesday, February 27

The Situation in Germany Could Get Much Worse

The situation around the coronavirus in Germany is at its worst at the moment but could get much worse.


The Robert Koch Institute said in a press conference with health minister Jens Spahn that there is a chance the situation will worsen.

Spahn said during the press conference that he wants to start vaccinating people against the coronavirus before the end of the year. The minister also said Tuesday that the European Union is working to speed up the approval of the Pfizer / BioNTech vaccine.

That could potentially happen as early as December 23, according to Spahn.

The RKI asks people to keep social contacts to a minimum. A strict lockdown will take effect in Germany on Wednesday, which should ensure that there are fewer moments of communication between people.

For example, many shops close, and people are only allowed to meet in groups of five from two households.

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