The Second Wave of the Coronavirus is Less Deadly in Belgium Than the First

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The second wave of the coronavirus is less deadly in Belgium than the first. There are also fewer deaths in nursing homes, he said during a press conference of the crisis centre.


“This second wave again claimed many human lives, but fortunately seems less deadly than the first wave for the time being”, says Van Gucht. With the first wave, he refers to the period from March 10 to June 21. The figures for the second wave run from June 22 to November 17.

“We can roughly say that in the first wave there was one death for every two hospital admissions and in the second wave one death for every four hospital admissions,” said Van Gucht.

Because many deaths occur in residential care centres, this does not mean that the chance of death for seriously ill patients was one in two or now is one in four. But the hospital figures are a measure of the intensity of the second compared to the first wave, says the virologist.

The number of new infections with the coronavirus, the number of hospital admissions and the number of deaths continue to decrease in Belgium, according to the preliminary figures. However, the decline appears to be slowing down.

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