Monday, February 26

The New iPhone Model Will Be Launched With A Few Weeks Delay This Year

The new iPhone model will be launched with a few weeks delay this year. Apple confirmed this during the discussion of its quarterly figures.


Although the new iPhone will be released almost every year at the end of September, it will be delayed by a few weeks this year, Apple CFO Luca Maestri explained in a conversation with investors following the quarterly figures the company just released.

It is not clear why the devices are delayed, although the pandemic can always be something in between. The company is expected to release a 5G device for the first time this year, and rumours that the new model is not on track have been around for some time.

The Wall Street Journal newspaper previously reported in a report that mass production of the iPhone had likely been delayed by a month.

Qualcomm, which is believed to provide the 5G chip for the device, also said in its financial outlook that the company expects an impact on its results by “postponing a global flagship launch for a 5G device.” Many hints, therefore, that Apple has now confirmed.

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