Tuesday, February 27

The French Airline Air France Discontinues All Flights to China

The French airline Air France will stop all flights to and from China until 9 February. KLM’s sister company decided following the outbreak of the new coronavirus in the Asian country.


For the time being, KLM will continue to fly to China, a spokesperson said. The Dutch airline does, however, remain in continuous consultation with the Dutch government and international health and aviation authorities and acts if necessary, the spokesman said.

KLM did scrap the flights to the Chinese cities of Chengdu, Hangzhou and Xiamen, but that was mainly because the demand for tickets had fallen. KLM will also fly to Shanghai less often per week.

Unrest had arisen at Air France among cabin crews who feared for his health. A pilot union had told its supporters that they could refuse to fly to China if they didn’t feel well.

In the coming days, Air France will carry out a few flights to Beijing and Shanghai to bring staff and travellers back from China. The crew on those flights will consist of volunteers.

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