Wednesday, February 28

The Belarusian Regime Has Begun to Release Prisoners Detained During Demonstrations

The Belarusian regime has begun to release prisoners detained in recent days during demonstrations against dictator Lukashenko.


Some of the protesters who were released in the capital Minsk had bruises. They said they had been tightly packed in cells. Prisoners would have been assaulted, for example, beaten.

According to a released demonstrator, 28 people had to share a cell that is intended for no more than five people. They all had to share a loaf of bread for two days.

After four nights of demonstrations and battles with the police, there are also more and more daytime demonstrations. Human chains are being formed in protest against police brutality. Many women in white clothes and with flowers, as well as men, participate.

The stringent actions of the Belarusian authorities have prompted the European Union to consider new punitive measures against the former Soviet Republic in eastern Europe.

In 2016, previous sanctions had been eased when human rights compliance appeared to be improving in what is known as Europe’s last dictatorship.

The regime in Minsk detained thousands of people who disagree with President Lukashenko’s re-election last Sunday.

According to the protesters, the result has been tampered with. Western countries also regard the elections as a puppet show. Lukashenko has ruled with a heavy hand for 26 years.

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