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The 5 Most Beautiful Travel Destinations from Around the World

The 5 Most Beautiful Travel Destinations from Around the World. There are destinations on earth that you just have to see if you ever get the chance. We have compiled the personal top 5 adventure travel destinations for 2019.


Please have a look:


1. The Virgin Islands:
Going on vacation is for you on the beach, to be beckoned, the outside world completely has forgotten and especially a lot of relaxing. The Virgin Islands are located in Central America and have an abundance of sun, sea, and beach. But of course, these paradises demand something in return.

You will find many cheap hotels, but for a bit of good service, the bill can go up to 250 dollars per night. And for the real luxury resorts, you pay around 1,500 dollars. You get a lot for it in exchange: large pool, beautiful views, good food and lots of rest. If you want to get out of the hotel, you can go snorkelling in the exotic fish. And if you are tired of one island, you can hop on the ferry to St. John or St. Thomas.


2. Tokyo, Japan:
Tokyo for a long time has been at the top of the list of most expensive destinations for years. But it is a journey that everyone must have made their life once, so why not this year? Sushi is also something that you should try at least once, and where better than here?

Tokyo is the most significant urban economy with a futuristic landscape, a vibrant nightlife, high-tech gadgets and the best sushi restaurants. You also encounter a lot of absurd things, so it is indeed not boring. A luxury spirit that makes sense in something new will definitely come into its own.


3. Washington D.C., USA:
Nothing more fun when travelling with a bunch of friends. You are not ever alone, and there is at all times something to experience. And that definition actually applies to Washington. Throughout the day you can hang out in one of the many museums and take group pictures for famous monuments such as the Lincoln Memorial, Library of Congress and of course the White House.

At night you can go to the theatre or the opera in the centre or one of the surrounding districts. And if it can be a little less late-night, do not worry, there are countless bars and jazz clubs. Be careful, under 21 you can not enter! For those interested: Washington also has a lively gay scene. Cobalt and Green Lantern are the places to be if you want to hook up an American friend or if you just need a successful party.


4. Chiang Mai, Thailand:
Chiang Mai is the second largest city in Thailand. Compared to capital city Bangkok or Pattaya, this city is an entirely different tourist destination. It is less crowded and less warm, which makes a group trip much more pleasant. Chiang Mai and Bangkok are very similar, but it is smaller and cosier. You can rent scooters for 5 dollars per day. If you do not like to tear through the streets with 15 people and cause accidents, the bike is a good alternative.

There is enough sightseeing in Chiang Mai. Temples and elephant parks are abundant. You can also have a massage in the women’s prison, that is not something everyone can say. There are fewer bars in Chiang Mai than in the other big cities, but the night markets bring enough entertainment. Here you can taste the local products and prove to your friends. Someone want a spider paw or bats paste?


5. Geneva (Switzerland):
Geneva is the largest city in Switzerland after Zurich and is in the top ten most expensive cities in the world. Fortunately for the residents, it is also one of the highest paying cities. Geneva is a financial centre, a diplomatic centre and has an essential office of the United Nations. That means that everyone travels there at the expense of the company or the government, except you. And because of the presence of all those prominent and wealthy people, the prices of the hotels and restaurants are quite high.

For one night you pay quickly around 200 dollars. A plus point to an expensive destination is of course that there are far fewer tourists to be found. Those who can and want to pay should pay a visit to Geneva. Lake Geneva, Parc La Grange, St. Pierre’s Cathedral, the Patek museum and Mont Saleve are well worth your money.


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