Wednesday, February 28

Tesla Sales in China Collapse Due to Recall

Tesla sales collapsed in China in July. The car manufacturer makes vehicles there for the local market. At the end of June, Tesla virtually recalled 300,000 cars in China to the garage. That was the umpteenth time this year that Tesla was in negative news in China.


The recalled vehicles required an online software update due to driver assistance issues. The so-called assisted driving feature in electric cars could be activated without being instructed to do so. As a consequence, the car could suddenly start driving faster, for example.

In July, Tesla delivered more than 8,600 cars to China. A month earlier, there were more than 28,000. In July, Tesla exported many more vehicles from China to other markets, especially European ones.

The Chinese authorities already warned Tesla in April to pay more attention to the safety of its electric cars. An article by state news agency Xinhua said that the American company had to do this to gain consumer confidence. In doing so, Xinhua referred to issues such as malfunctioning brakes and cars going up in flames during charging.

The open criticism of Tesla by the Chinese authorities followed a woman’s protest during the important Shanghai auto show. The woman mounted onto the roof of a Tesla. She had been campaigning against the company for some time because she and her family said she almost died due to faltering brakes.

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