Wednesday, February 28

Tesla Is Still A Listed Company

Tesla is Still a listed Company. Tesla remains a listed company. CEO Elon Musk has declared that. The board of directors of Tesla and Musk have agreed on the decision to retain the stock exchange listing of the electric car manufacturer on the Nasdaq.


Musk states that he came to his conclusion after talking to the shareholders.

According to the CEO, a majority of the shareholders agreed to stay with Tesla if the company was taken off the stock exchange. But the feeling, in a nutshell, was “do not do this”.

Also mention the efforts that are needed in getting business out of the stock market, not to do it.

“This is a problem because we have to remain focused on raising Model 3 and becoming profitable.”

In a statement on the Tesla site, Musk writes that he told the board on Thursday that he thinks “it is sufficient for Tesla to remain public.” “The council agreed to agree.”

Musk had previously declared on Twitter that he wanted to get Tesla out of the fair.

The tweets caused a lot of trouble. The CEO claimed that the financing was already around.

Then the American stock market watchdog SEC started a formal investigation.

Musk may have been chargeable of fraud and price manipulation due to his allegations.

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