Thursday, February 22

Taliban Mainly Focus on Cooperation with China

The Taliban believe they will be able to cooperate closely with China economically after the departure of foreign troops from Afghanistan.


“China is our most important partner,” Taliban spokesman Zabihullah Mujahid told Italian newspaper La Repubblica. “It is ready to invest and rebuild our country.”

The Taliban’s Muslim extremists have conquered virtually all of Afghanistan in recent months and must now decide how to run the country. The previous government received support from the West, but Western countries have now essentially turned off the money tap.

According to insiders, the Taliban will present a government on Friday, expect to be able to do business with China. Mujahid said his country’s copper mines could be upgraded with Chinese help. “Through China, we gain access to markets all over the world.”

The fundamentalists also controlled a large part of Afghanistan in the 1990s. Then they conducted a reign of terror. The Taliban are trying to show the world a more moderate face this time, including in the area of women’s rights.

Mujahid promised in La Repubblica that women would be allowed to study at universities in the future. According to the Taliban spokesman, women are also allowed to continue to work, for example, as nurses. However, he ruled out that a Taliban regime will appoint female ministers.

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