Taliban Leader: Respect Amnesty for Fallen Government Employees

Taliban Leader: Respect Amnesty for Fallen Government Employees

The spiritual leader of the Taliban, Hibatullah Akhundzada, asks his followers to respect the amnesty for the deposed Afghan government employees. A few days ago, images emerged on social media of a Taliban fighter beating a former army commander.


After taking power in August, the Taliban promised amnesty for former members of the Afghan security forces and former government employees. Leader Akhundzada now asks his followers to keep that promise and “not to punish” former government employees through his spokesperson. The Taliban have also promised to deal with the fighter in the video released.

Since the takeover, videos have surfaced that allegedly show how Taliban fighters mistreat people. The United Nations and human rights organizations, among others, accused the Taliban of executing former members of security services.

According to his spokesman, spiritual leader Akhundzada also wants the Taliban to discourage Afghans from fleeing the country. The leader argues that refugee citizens are not respected abroad. Many Afghans have been evacuated since the takeover, and many still hope to leave the country.

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