Tuesday, February 20

Sweden Police Intervene in Climate Protests in Stockholm

The Swedish police intervened on Friday in protests by climate activists. They blocked two bridges in the centre of the capital Stockholm.


Police say activists have broken the rules to prevent the spread of the coronavirus. A maximum of fifty people was allowed to gather.

The police could not say precisely how many activists were on the leg, but according to Swedish media, it concerned groups of about eighty people.

A third demonstration took place at an office building in the west of the city. The protests were peaceful, according to the police. Several demonstrators would have been removed from the bridges.

Action group Extinction Rebellion says it is protesting against the inability of politics to combat global warming.

“We are fed up with broken promises and fine words,” said representatives of the group in a statement published in the Aftonbladet newspaper. They want the government to declare a climate emergency.

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