Tuesday, February 27

Suspended Chairman Of The Supervisory Board Eneco Immediately

Suspended Chairman of the Supervisory board Eneco Immediately. Judge President Edo van den Assem, suspended by the judge, of energy company Eneco, resigns immediately.


Despite his resignation, Van den Assem will fully cooperate with the survey conducted by the Enterprise Chamber, Eneco addresses in a statement.

Eneco, which is in a kind of privatisation process, has been uneasy for some time. On Wednesday, the Enterprise Chamber of the Amsterdam Court of Appeal suspended Van den Assem,

 because he would have sidestepped the works council in the whole process surrounding the resignation of CEO Jeroen de Haas.

The judge then also stated that he would appoint a replacement, And that is not known yet.

Van den Assem (1949) has been Chairman of the Supervisory Board since 2012, first from Eneco Holding and since 1 February 2017 from Eneco Group.

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