Wednesday, February 28

Suspect Arrested for Poisoning German University Students

The German police have arrested a suspect seven months after the poisoning of seven students at the technical university of Darmstadt. The 32-year-old woman from Mainz is suspected of attempted murder, German media report.


Because she was mentally insane at the time, she was placed in a psychiatric institution. She would also be enrolled at the university herself.

The students became ill in August after having had a drink to which an unknown “dangerous” substance had been added. A 30-year-old student became blue-skinned and in critical condition, and another had to be taken to hospital.

Police in the city south of Frankfurt went on a massive outcry and treated the case as attempted murder. Trace analysis eventually led to the suspect woman. Police said at the time that the pungent odour may have been put in water containers and cartons of milk.

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