Monday, February 26

Sunweb and Transavia Want A Corona-Free Travel Corridor to Crete

Travel organization Sunweb and airline Transavia want to set up a “corona-free travel corridor” from Schiphol to the Greek island of Crete.


They are working on a plan to make that possible. They also hold discussions about this with the government.

The corona-free travel corridor must consist of a Sunweb package trip flying with Transavia. The holidaymakers will then be tested several times for the coronavirus.

It is also intended that travellers mainly stay at their own resort.

Sunweb and Transavia are preparing for the upcoming summer season with this idea. Sunweb has also purchased many airplane seats from Transavia before the summer.

The developments surrounding the vaccines and the “great need” of the Dutch to go on holiday again as soon as possible give both parties the confidence to travel again this summer.

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