Tuesday, February 27

Spanish Supreme Court Opens Investigation into Former King Juan Carlos

The Spanish Supreme Court opens an investigation into former Spanish king Juan Carlos.


The court is examining whether corruption was involved in the procurement of a high-speed line in Saudi Arabia and whether Juan Carlos could also be prosecuted for it, because until his resignation six years ago he enjoyed immunity as the king.

Juan Carlos’ kingship was plagued by corruption scandals.

The Spanish Supreme Court’s investigation is part of an investigation by the anti-corruption agency into the procurement of a high-speed line in Saudi Arabia.

The contract for that train connection between the Saudi cities of Medina and Mecca went to a group of Spanish companies in 2011.

The Supreme Court is considering whether Juan Carlos should be involved in the case, because until June 2014 he enjoyed immunity as the king.

“The investigation aims to establish or reject the criminal relevance of the acts that took place after June 2014, when his immunity no longer protected the emeritus king,” a statement by the Supreme Court said.

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