Tuesday, February 27

Spain Will Keep A Register of Vaccine Refusers

The Spanish authorities will keep a register of people who refuse to be vaccinated against Covid-19.


The data will be shared with other European countries, but not made public. The Spanish Health Minister Salvador Illa said this on Monday.

In an interview to television channel La Sexta, Illa reiterated that the vaccine against the coronavirus would not be mandatory. But whoever refuses such a vaccine will be put on a list shared with other countries in Europe, he continued.

Illa clarified that it would concern people who were offered a vaccine, but who declined that offer. The document will not be made public and is prepared with the utmost respect for protecting private data, the minister assured.

According to the most recent data, the proportion of the population that does not want to be vaccinated has fallen dramatically in Spain, from 47 percent in November to 28 percent in December.

The percentage of Spaniards who are willing to receive a vaccine rose in the same period from 36.8 to 40.5 percent.

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