Wednesday, February 28

Skiing in Germany Must Be Possible Under Certain Conditions

Skiing must remain possible in Germany this winter, and the country must create the conditions to make that possible.


This is the view of the German State Secretary and Parliamentarian Thomas Bareiss, who includes tourism in his package. The Christian Democrat Bareiss is also called the Government Commissioner for Tourism.

He said on Wednesday that he does not think a general ski ban this season is necessary and even wrong. According to him, for example, you can allow a maximum number of people on ski slopes by limiting the number of access passes.

Many people want to go out after the lockdowns and the entire tourism and events sector is on its last legs. The sector has reached a limit, according to Bareiss. But the government, together with the federal states, wants to decide to extend the current lockdowns until just before Christmas.

German government leader Angela Merkel will discuss this with the state prime ministers on Wednesday.

Her Italian colleague Giuseppe Conte does not want to reopen the ski resorts until January 10th. French President Macron wants to keep them closed for at least the rest of the year. Austria intends to restart winter sports.

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