Saturday, February 24

Serbia Starts on Thursday With Corona Vaccinations

Serbia will vaccinate citizens against Covid-19 on Thursday. The Balkan country is one of the first countries in Europe to vaccinate.


Vaccination campaigns start in many EU member states on December 27, in the Netherlands on January 8.

Serbia, which is still waiting to join the EU, is said to have received some 5,000 doses of the Pfizer vaccine. This is already used in the United States and the United Kingdom and has also recently been approved by the European regulator EMA.

“Vaccinations will start tomorrow in Serbia,” President Aleksandar Vucic said Wednesday. Older people in nursing homes come first, he says.

“It is important to protect these people,” emphasized the president. “More than 80 percent of the people who have died from this terrible virus are elderly. They are most at risk. “

Vucic expressed the hope that vaccination could be on a large scale by mid-January. Serbian authorities are also considering stocking up on Chinese and Russian vaccines.

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