Wednesday, February 28

Security Guard F-Secure Splits

The company continues as F-Secure and WithSecure. The latter will mainly target larger companies.


F-Secure, the Finnish security firm, will from now on consist of two security firms. The consumer branch will continue under the name F-Secure, but larger ‘corporate’ security will be arranged under the new name WithSecure.

This should make it possible to improve the focus of the companies and increase the offer, says F-Secure in a press release. ‘Ultimately, all problems in information security are complexity problems.

Working together, we can’t just approach security as a means of control. Instead, we can deploy technology and services that work in a business context and deliver proven results,” said Juhani Hintikka, CEO of the newly renamed WithSecure.

The company’s services include cloud-native endpoint protection, content security from Salesforce in the cloud, and managed detection and response.

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