Wednesday, February 28

Saudi Women and Men can Now Go through the Same Door

In Saudi Arabia, men and women can now enter the restaurant through the same entrance. The government will lift the obligation for the hotel and catering industry to implement a two-door policy, the Ministry of Municipal and Rural Affairs reports on Twitter.


Saudi Arabia has many conservative restrictions that are primarily imposed on women, but they are now being dealt with more flexibly.

This is also the case with the rule that will soon be abolished that families and men who are alone must go through a separate entrance to a restaurant.

Since Mohammed bin Salman was crowned crown prince in 2017, the government has been trying to modernise the country and make it more open to tourists to become less dependent on oil sales.

The state wants to attract 100 million tourists a year by 2030. To achieve this, the country is taking several measures.

For example, recently, women are only allowed to book a hotel and solo travel abroad without a man’s permission. Two years ago, women were allowed to drive cars for the first time.

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