Monday, February 26

Samsung Phones Send Photos to Random Contacts Spontaneously

Samsung Phones Send Photos to Random Contacts Spontaneously. In possession of a Samsung phone? Then it is wise to look at the pictures that are on the phone because they could just be sent to random contacts. Samsung is aware of the problem and says to investigate the case, said Hope News.


The photos are sent via the SMS app Messages without the owner noticing this. People only found out after receiving a message from the recipient of the photos. They had not permitted in any way to send the photos to others.

As a customer, you have to be careful with unknown links. From Samsung, the forwarding of photos is of course not allowed. The devices are regularly updated, and the security is checked periodically, so it should not be possible. ”

The problem seems to only occur with the Galaxy S9, Galaxy S9 + and the Note 8. How the problem arose is unclear, although several Reddit users think it has to do with the new Rich Communication Services technology.

This allows owners of an Android phone to send messages without affecting the bundle. The technology is mainly used in the United States.

The photos can be protected by slightly adjusting the settings. By going to ‘apps’ via settings and then clicking on the Samsung Messaging app, the app can be denied access to the photos.

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