Saturday, February 24

Russian Opposition Leader Navalny Via Video Link at Court Hearing

The Russian opposition leader Alexei Navalny, who was sentenced to imprisonment, appeared in court via video link himself.


He had been on a hunger strike about a week ago and had not appeared in previous court hearings. But the emaciated Navalny was back in the picture on Thursday.

This concerns an appeal against a controversial conviction to a fine for insulting a war veteran. The Kremlin critic is currently serving a prison sentence for embezzlement that he allegedly committed in 2009.

The trial, in that case, is also controversial and was brought against him when he was able to come to the fore and gain influence thanks to internet politics.

Navalny was given a suspended prison sentence at the time. Still, at the beginning of this year, it was converted into an actual prison sentence of 2.5 years in a prison camp because he allegedly violated the conditions for his release. His conviction led to widespread demonstrations before his departure.

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